想象力. 创造力. 兴奋. 快乐.  These are the things that warm your heart and make you smile when you watch your child live, 学习, 和玩耍.  当你为你的孩子寻找合适的学校时, you're looking for a place that's much more than just a place where they gain knowledge.  You're looking for a place where your child can be challenged, 照顾, 爱在, 鼓励, 给了我各种成长的机会...

You're looking for 基督教会学院 较低的学校!

“我的幼儿园小朋友几乎每天回家都告诉我她有多爱她的学校. 这让每天送她回家变得如此快乐.”


从幼儿园到五年级, CCA's instructional environment has been created where a Biblical, 跨学科, 亲自动手的, 主动学习的方法是用来确保学生将是成功的和有动力的学习.  Our experienced teachers partner with you to find the best ways to develop your child's mind, body, 和精神.  Your child will broaden their skills and knowledge in 阅读, 听, 说话, 写作, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, 技术, 西班牙语, 还有视觉和表演艺术.  最重要的是, 他们会对耶稣基督和他对他们生命的影响有一个基本的了解和爱.


"Change" is probably the biggest word for middle school students, 很可能是为了你的孩子, too.  Everything is changing; classes become more challenging, 工作量的增加, 体育和美术的要求越来越高, and the social structure becomes infinitely more dynamic and complicated.  如果这些还不够, your child must also deal with physical and psychological changes that come with adolescence.  When you put it all together, middle school can be extremely difficult.

基督教会学院 is not only aware of these pressures, 但是我们的老师愿意, 准备好了, 并且能够提供帮助. 

“I can't say enough about the middle school teachers. They have made the transition from elementary to middle school seamless. I know starting middle school is a tough and scary time for kids, but the teachers at CCA help make it a great experience!


All of our middle school staff are not only trained to challenge their students academically, 但他们也热衷于将基督的爱扩展到每个学生身上,帮助他们度过中学期间发生的转变.  All of our middle school teachers LOVE teaching middle school students, and we are sure they will love teaching your child as well!

中学 Courses and Elective Class Descriptions

英语(标准和荣誉)- 6-8年级

数学(标准和荣誉)- 6年级 & 7

代数预科- 7年级 & 8

代数1 -八年级

社会研究(TCI) - 6-8年级

科学- 6-8年级

圣经- 6-8年级


Health and Physical Education(REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS IN GRADE 6)

Students are introduced to a variety of team and individual sport activities, 大群体合作游戏, 节奏与舞蹈, 非传统的活动.  Students develop skills needed to improve at and become successful in the various activities.  Health topicsare taught in a classroom setting 2-3 days a week. Students are required to purchase a PE uniform from the athletic office for this course. 

初级美术(6 - 8年级) 

本课程旨在通过提供各种艺术媒体和技术的经验,向学生介绍丰富的艺术历史.  The students will become more aware of the impact art has socially and culturally, while developing an imaginative response to their ideas, 的想法, 和感受.

中级美术(7 - 8年级)


这门课挑战学生通过对美学的研究来扩展他们的艺术知识, 艺术批评, 艺术史和艺术生产.  他们将被鼓励使用创造性思维技能来解决不同材料和与绘画相关的过程所呈现的问题, 绘画, 版画, 和雕刻.


本课程的目的是培养学生在正式和非正式口头交流以及辩论方面的基本知识和技能. 内容应该包括, 但不限于, the following: formal and informal 沟通 skills; forms of oral 沟通; 技术 for public 说话; 技术 for debate; research, 组织, and 写作 for speech and debate; parliamentary procedure; analysis of formal and informal 沟通.


This course is a study of wind, brass and percussion instruments.  An instrument must be rented or owned by the student.  我们将为刚开始演奏乐队的家长和学生开一个会议,让他们熟悉乐器的获取方法,并决定每个学生最适合演奏什么乐器.  限制放学后的时间是必要的.

戏剧/戏剧(6 - 8年级)

CCA戏剧选修课的主要目标是培养对上帝赐予的表演和表演艺术的理解和欣赏.  戏剧是一种有益的经历,它让学生有机会发展自律和自我表达.  课程的设计允许个性,同时鼓励和提高合作技能.  Each student is met at his/her ability level and guided toward the goals of proper acting. 


Participate in after school and/or evening rehearsals in preparation for a production

Participate in off-site performances throughout the school year

May be required to provide part their own costume for the end-of-year musical performance

奥尔夫乐团I(6 - 8年级)

学生们使用奥尔夫木槌乐器和其他打击乐器表演各种音乐风格.  学生学习基本的音乐理论,包括阅读乐谱、节奏和动态.




奥尔夫乐团II(7 - 8年级)

**前提条件:Orff I

学生使用奥尔夫木槌乐器和其他打击乐器演奏各种音乐风格,达到更高的水平.  学生们将进一步学习音乐理论. Students will also be involved in creating their own music compositions. 





Students are introduced to a variety of team and individual sport activities, 大群体合作游戏, 节奏与舞蹈, 非传统的活动.  Students develop skills needed to improve and become successful in the various activities.  

多媒体(6 - 8年级)


第一学期, 学生将专注于诸如“主题”之类的课程, 页面, 数字, 和出版商. 学生们被鼓励在电脑和网络上进行操作,因为他们能够成为独立的思考者和问题解决者. 

在第二学期, middle school students will spend a month 学习ing to write code with the help of CODE.并继续通过本学期使用我们的3D打印机创建3D对象,并学习如何使用Powtoons和iMovies.  全年教授键盘技能.

现代科技:数字艺术 & 设计1(7 - 8年级)

学生探索基本概念, 术语, 技术, and applications of digital imaging and photo-shop to create original work. 学生通过单独或组合使用计算机制作数字静态和/或动画图像, 数码相机, 数码摄像机, 扫描仪, 照片编辑软件, 绘图和绘画软件, 图形平板电脑, 打印机, 新媒体, 新兴技术. 通过批判过程, 学生评估和回应自己和同龄人的工作,以衡量艺术的发展. 本课程包含实践活动, 技术的运用, 以及艺术材料的消费.

计算机科学发现(7 - 8年级)

计算机科学发现(CS发现)是一门计算机科学入门课程,使学生能够创造真实的文物,并将计算机科学作为创造力的媒介, 沟通, 解决问题, 和有趣的. CS

发现侧重于使学生能够在各种环境和媒体中创造和表达自己的技能. 他们是否在开发自己的网站, 设计应用程序, 制作游戏, 或者创建一个物理计算设备, 学生被授权将他们的想法付诸实践.


这个表演小组, 男女歌手都可以, introduces students to a variety of vocal styles with two and three-part harmony.  Students 学习 vocal production as well as music theory, sight singing and choreography.  经过短短几周的练习,学生们会对所创造的和谐感到惊讶和印象深刻. 


Participate in after school and/or evening rehearsals in preparation for a production

Participate in off-site performances (an overnight trip is planned for the spring)


Instrumental and Vocal Worship Class (7th– 8th grade)

**Prerequisite: Prior instrumental experience required. 应用程序/面试要求.

本课程的目的是让学生通过学习不同的敬拜文献,在一个小型的合奏环境中发展表演技巧.  重点将放在乐器的独立性,表现力和风格的真实性.  The course will also explore worship and the way music was used in the Bible.  Content includes but not limited to: instrumental and vocal production, 合奏技巧, 音乐素养, 视读和听力训练, 音乐的元素和特征, 即兴表演及编曲, 绩效评估, 合唱音乐和音乐家的作用和影响, 音乐与其他学科领域之间的联系, 负责参与音乐活动.


西班牙语入门-这是一门选修课,只提供给有兴趣更好地准备高中西班牙语的八年级学生. The course is designed to develop skills of 说话, 听, 阅读, 在入门级写作.

Students who pass the assessment test at the end of the year with a grade of 90% or higher, 还要有老师的推荐信, will be allowed to move into 西班牙语 II in 9th grade at CCA. (高中生入学时要求连续两年学习同一门外语.)


当你的孩子第一次走进基督教堂中学的院子, they may only see doors into classrooms and tables where they can eat their lunch.  It won't take them long, however, to see something else.  Those doors open to limitless possibilities - opportunities to stretch their minds, 挑战他们的智力, and expand their knowledge as far as they are willing to go.  Those tables give them the opportunity to build long-lasting, 积极的, 令人振奋的, encouraging relationships with their peers and their teachers.   


"We are so grateful that Jillian has been able to plug in so quickly, and I consider it a credit to your school and the culture that you have set at CCA.——爱德华·爱德华兹,CCA学生的叔叔



与认证, 每间教室都有敬业的教师, CCA通过大学预备课程(包括12门AP和数十门荣誉课程)为学生的学业成功做好准备,并自豪地承认138所学院和大学的录取率为100%.  In fact, over $7 million in scholarships has been awarded to graduating CCA seniors.


在类, 俱乐部, 学生会, 学生领导学院, 以及大学体育项目, CCA为高中生提供了一个田园诗般的环境来发展和完善沟通技巧, 代表团, 直觉, 动机, and innovation to become effective leaders in adulthood.


采用多方面的方法, CCA challenges students to grow their faith with a comprehensive Bible curriculum, 鼓励门徒训练小组, 以及令人振奋的每周教堂礼拜.


CCA is proud to offer eleven varsity and junior varsity sports for boys and girls, and several teams have earned outstanding achievements, 包括多个地区, 区域, 还有州冠军.  更重要的是, CCA学生运动员的教练鼓励他们在体育比赛中应用圣经原则.  虽然胜利很重要, CCA强调团队合作的价值, 公平竞争, 尊重对手, 尽自己最大的努力, 不管结果如何.


通过俱乐部, 服务项目, 群体建筑的机会, 和更多的, CCA给高中生一个完美的环境来发展他们与神的关系, 他们的家庭, 彼此之间.